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Hollisters Monument understands that selecting a monument is something you have not done before or have not done many times and we want to arm you with as much knowledge as possible for such a permanent purchase no matter where you buy from. Please visit our shop or call us at (918) 341-1566 to learn more about selecting a memorial.

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Cemetery Selection

Depending on what cemetery you chose for your loved one(s) or yourself will determine what type of monument or marker you are allowed to have. Memorial park type cemeteries usually require a flat ground level marker, and some require bronze or bronze on granite markers which are usually quite a bit more expensive than traditional granite. Several privately or corporately owned cemeteries charge an installation or marking fee and a lot of the time will not allow us (the monument co.) do the actual installation and can have several complicated rules and/or paper work. Be warned many of these type cemeteries can have a tendency to charge very steep fees so it’s good to know these rules and fees ahead of time. No matter what the cemetery tells you, you are allowed to purchase your monument or marker from anybody you want; you do not have to buy from them. Most of the cemeteries that we work in are municipal or country type cemeteries who allow us (the monument co.) do the installation and there are usually no or few restrictions. If there is a marking or installation fee it is usually minimal.

Monument/Marker Selection

When choosing your memorial be sure to pick what fits your style and your pocket book. Many facilities sell memorials but few actually make the memorials at their facility. Hollisters Monument Company is a full production monument shop which means we create and install the memorials we sell.  It is okay to purchase your memorial from a sales facility such as a cemetery, funeral home or a sales outlet.  Some of the things to look at no matter where you purchase your memorial is to look at their product for quality such as the depth of sandblasting, proportions of designs, consistent line width and uniformed design work.  I feel it is important to see pictures and product that was done by the company instead of generic brochures and designs pamphlets. Seeing the type of work you can expect in your own monument helps you to feel comfortable and confident in the facility you are purchasing from. I tell people “I want you to be comfortable with who you are purchasing your memorial from”.  One of the best places to get good ideas for your purchase is to look around the cemeteries. The internet is another great place to get ideas.  As far as what type of monument is best for you,  take some time to look over our website; it shows you the basic types as well as pictures of monuments that we have produced.


This is becoming a very popular choice but what I have found is families still need a place to pay their respects.  Many cemeteries will allow 2 or more cremations in a single grave which helps cut the cost and you still can memorialize in a traditional manner at the cemetery.  Many churches and cemeteries now have columbarium’s as well.  If that is not your preference you might appreciate a garden marker, bench, urns, natural rock, plaques or whatever your imagination can come up with (give us a call and we will help you imagine).

Memorial purchase before death or Pre-need

 If at all possible purchasing your monument or maker before a death occurs will save a lot of unneeded suffering and frustrations on the loved ones left behind.  Another advantage of preplanning is you get to pick out what you want and chances are it will be less expensive now than later.  If you choose to purchase ahead of time the only cost would be the addition of the death date to the memorial and this is a minimal expense.

How soon after a burial should I purchase a memorial?

Probably the most important piece of information I could give you on this page is to take your time and buy the memorial when YOU are ready;  do not let anybody push you into buying now.  This is a very important purchase that will be a permanent representation of the person or people it is for.  With that said, 3 to 6 months is what a lot of the cemetery sextons say.  It’s all based on how much rain we get.  The more rain, the quicker the grave will settle.  In most cases a grave is 10ft long. 8ft is for the burial and 2ft is left for the memorial. Ideally, a monument should not be set on disturbed ground anyway, but this is not always the case.  If a monument or marker is set by us and it gets off level you can be assured that Hollisters Monument will level it back up if it becomes unlevel at no charge when we are in that cemetery working.

Value Versus Cost

When pricing a monument or marker be very careful that you are comparing apples to apples.  A couple of inches makes a big difference in price. A different size or style of vase will be a different price. Or say you’re interested in red granite; well, different reds colors are different prices.  Something else that happens is the same color granites name can vary from one place to another.  When pricing monuments, be sure to ask for exact sizes, finishes and so on.  Just because you find the memorial you want for less from Company A doesn’t mean it’s the best VALUE.  You as the purchaser have to decide who is giving you the best value.  Remember this is the last thing you can do for that special somebody or yourself so take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  If you don’t think the person waiting on you seems knowledgeable or doesn’t seem willing to get the answers to your questions be cautious.


In this day and age personalizing a memorial has become very common and here at Hollisters Monument Co. we have always encouraged our customers to make the memorial their own. It usually does not cost any more to add personalization to a standard memorial.  If you really want something unique we can sit down and design a memorial from the ground up. You can also see many custom designs on our full monument display located at our shop.

What are monuments made of?

Most of the monuments and markers we design and produce are made of granite.  There are many colors of granite to choose from. Click here to view some of the most common colors.  We also offer bronze markers which is a noncorrosive metal.  Marble is not used as much as in years past because it is much softer than granite and will deteriorate much faster than granite.  A granite monument will last for centuries.

How long does it take to make a memorial?

Our company works on about an 8 week time frame from start to finish.  We will always try to work with the family to complete their memorial by a certain time frame if need be.  On custom memorials it can sometimes take longer but it is well worth the wait if that is what a family wants to memorialize their loved one(s).


Flat granite markers are the least expensive style, with bevel and slant markers being next on the pricing ladder. Closer to the top of the ladder are slants on bases as well as upright monuments.  Special shapes and custom memorials are usually at the top of the pricing ladder.  The color of the granite makes a big difference. Each color of granite is a different price. Georgia Gray and Desert Rose are on the lower side of the pricing scale. Colors like Missouri Red or Chapel Rose are on the upper end of the scale with China black just under those. Other things to consider that are extra on top of a standard monument are porcelain pictures, flower vases, hand or laser etching, design and lettering on the back side of monuments, cemetery fees, gold leafing, and so on.  Please feel free to give us a call and we will give you a current price without any pressure on whatever you are interested in.

How do I pay for the memorial?

We require half down at time of purchase if buying directly from our shop and office. The final half is due upon completion of your memorial.  We accept cash, personal check, Visa and MasterCard.  If you need help with payments we are always willing to work out a payment plan.  We know how important it is to memorialize and we want to help you anyway possible.

What if I have more questions?

Please give us a call or come by our full production facility and we will answer all your questions as well as try to educate you about your memorial purchase.  We understand and hope that this is something you have not done or not done many times and we want to arm you with as much knowledge as possible for such a permanent purchase no matter where you buy from.

Can I match another memorial at the cemetery?

Yes you can in most cases.  It is no problem to match designs and styles of existing monuments and markers.  The only problem that you might incur is matching the color.  Over the years certain granite colors have come and gone, but most colors can easily be matched.  If you are not sure of the color, size, etc. we can visit the cemetery and check the specifications for you.  If you’re able to take measurements and supply us a picture of the memorial we can usually tell what you need via the internet, mail or a visit in the office.

What if I have an existing stone that needs lettered?

We have portable equipment for adding final dates and additional lettering, pictures, etc.  If there is a lot that needs to be added to an existing monument we will sometimes pick those up and bring to the shop to complete.

What if I have something special I want on the memorial?

That is no problem.  Unique and personal monuments are our specialty. You can pick from our extensive art gallery or if what you want is not there we will use your pictures, ideas, drawings or designs and recreate them on the memorial for you.  If you have an important verse or saying we will incorporate that as well provided there is enough space.  A memorial is a blank canvas to which we apply that person or those people’s life story.

Can I install the memorial myself?

Many people will pick up smaller markers and monuments and install them themselves but for larger memorials I would recommend letting the monument company do the installation.  If you install the memorial you can usually save a little money but it may not be worth the hassle or the risk of damaging the memorial in transit or placement.  In addition, some cemeteries will not allow the family to install the memorials themselves. We have equipment for installing memorials. For a larger monument it’s really worth the extra expense to have a professional installation.

How is a memorial made?

For this go to the “How it’s Made” page on this website and it gives you the basic rundown on where granite comes from and how your monument gets to the cemetery.  We are always happy to give you a tour of our shop as well so come by and visit us.  Click here to see How it’s Made.

What is the guarantee and permanency of a memorial?

All our memorials are guaranteed against any cracking or deterioration as well as craftsmanship. The only part of a memorial that is not permanent is the paint or Lithochrome that is used to enhance the designs and lettering, so we take great strives to make sure the lettering and design are sandblasted and prepared in the best way possible for legibility once the paint has come out.  In some cases we will avoid using paint altogether.  A granite monument will last for hundreds of years.

How small or big of a memorial can you make?

There is no memorial to small or big; we can make the smallest pet marker to the largest civic memorial or mausoleum.  Bring us your ideas and we will work with you to create your vision.    
These are thoughts, opinions and comments by Kory Hollister, Owner Hollisters Monument Co.

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